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Our Mission

Serving the needs of bio-scientific laboratories and distributors by becoming their cost-effective source for high quality laboratory supplies.

About The Company

Lion International is a leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic products for laboratories in health care, research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. We also distribute products from other manufacturing partners in selected regions.
Lion International was founded in early 2004, as a result of combining the advantages of its manufacturing capability and founder's superior understanding of the technical and practical aspects of the lab supplies. In the last two years, the company quickly expanded its market. It becomes not only the reliable supplier to end users such as researchers and investigators in bio-scientific laboratories, but also a strong support to many small distributors in this field. It helps small distributors to gain the competitive advantages in pricing by providing them quality products at low cost.
To fully implement our mission as stated above and pursue our visions, we strive to improve our organizational structure and increase our manufacturing capability. Among the core strategies to achieve our goals is to develop unique, innovative product lines that can serve the needs of researchers in laboratories more conveniently and easily.
Lion International also manufactures product with private labeling.

Contact Information

Phone:    1-866-546-6188
FAX:       1-877-545-3478
Email:    sales@lioninternation.com

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